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Bring On Fitcon

As many of you may know 2016 for the brand was quite successful, in 2017 we want to set a goal within the brand to not only meet what 2016 had to offer through online sales but also experience more Fitness conventions, local competitions, and major shows. We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today without the continuos support we have received. You guys are the best and have allowed us to truly experience growth, it's AMAZING! The bar has been raised to surpass last years numbers with our first fitness convention booth coming up this weekend. Just two...

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Dream Chaser Fitness is for anybody that has ever had a dream. Fitness or non-fitness related I made this brand to inspire as many people as possible. Going in to this new year make sure to remain loyal to the goals as well as the resolution that you created for yourself. Let this be the year for growth!

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DCF Mission Statement

"Time waits on no man, it all starts with a dream... But until you take action you'll never accomplish anything!"    

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First post

July 19th, 2016 the journey finally begins, I hope you all enjoy the apparel line!  Thank you for visiting the site,  Damien Melton

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