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Bring On Fitcon

As many of you may know 2016 for the brand was quite successful, in 2017 we want to set a goal within the brand to not only meet what 2016 had to offer through online sales but also experience more Fitness conventions, local competitions, and major shows. We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today without the continuos support we have received. You guys are the best and have allowed us to truly experience growth, it's AMAZING!

The bar has been raised to surpass last years numbers with our first fitness convention booth coming up this weekend. Just two years ago I met a friend at this same event but hosted at a different location which inspired me to move forward in reaching my goals, AND now I will be running my own booth for my own apparel line. Life is so interesting in how someone can come across your path and just makes something click in your head like a switch that instantly gets your mind going. I knew one day I would own my own business just unsure on what that would be LOL.

This year I wanted to focus more on providing a much wider selection of inventory especially for the ladies. Speaking of which, this weekend DCF is proud to introduce its first DuraMesh V1 Leggings that will be available in two awesome colors, its been a long time coming but the design is freaking amazing.  

I hope to see you guys this weekend at Fitcon 2017 Booth A9 (Dream Chaser Fitness) Extreme Iron Pro Gym 17390 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75252

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